I guarantee that my texts will be written in a style appropriate to the original. Whenever possible, I liaise with clients to ensure they are happy with the decisions or suggestions I make.

Good interpreters have something of the performer to them. Clients appreciate my ability to convey the spirit of the original speaker, so vital to communicating meaning.

I practice three kinds of interpreting:

In booths and using mobile equipment for conferences, delegations, academic and business clients.
Interpreting for advocacy groups, business meetings, public presentations, press conferences, etc.
whispered (chuchotage)
For small groups or for individuals in informal situations such as receptions or when numbers requiring the service do not justify expenditure on equipment.

I also offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for conference calls.

Editing and Proofreading
I edit and proof read texts written by academics and postgraduate students, specialising in texts written by people whose first language is Spanish. I also edit and revise existing transaltions whose quality needs to be improved.

“I recommend James for his ability to confront a text until he has perfected it, for his availability and his courteous manner. James Lupton’s work goes beyond what is expected of most translators and his clients may be sure that his work will always be absolutely professional”.
Jimena Montaña Cuéllar, Writer, Researcher and Cultural Consultant; Department of Architecture, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.

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